Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another painting (seriously on a roll...)

Not a fan of Asian art by a long shot...but sometimes I sit and struggle with ideas of what to paint or draw.  Geisha kept popping in my head.  I wanted that high contrast with colors, the definition of line.  I decided to go with it.  You can see some false line work in there.  Soon as I added in the mouth I knew my proportions were off.  Still something off here...the eyes, I think.  The pupils?  And I see the image is a tad bleached out.  Sigh...I work on editing these in my phone...sometimes here on the computer.  Should have enhanced on the puter.

What makes this different than usual portraits for me?  I did not use a grid.  I usually get a pretty decent portrait when I use grids and I love doing portraits.  I'm not considering myself an artist when I paint them...but for some reason, the portraits are my favorites to paint.  This image was freehand.  My source was from images on line.  No, not going to sell and no idea who took the photo.  This lady would be appalled to see what I've done to her.  The point, however, is that I tried.  That I am painting.  Quite unusual in and of itself.

Feeling quite down on myself, as usual.  I let nasty comments said by someone close to me rip apart my self-esteem and confidence in myself.  Then I'm told that if I rely on this person for my self-confidence I have a problem.  You get ripped and torn and shredded enough, you begin to believe what is said.

So...I leave you - as usual - with a song.


  1. I'm pretty much a peacenik, but when I hear about mean people, I just want to slap them. Or this being Vegas, Baby, hire someone to slap them. Anyhow, you did a nice job on this - once again very nicely detailed. Don't listen to the negative comments. Maybe when this person starts in, you can just walk away.

  2. Not a false line - a searching line. My husband took portrait / life drawing classes for years & came home with many of these. Sometimes the whole drawing was covered with searching lines - quite sensitive and beautiful.

    And drawing a portrait without a grid is pretty brave. I almost always use a grid when I want to get a likeness - or even get the placement of the features straight. And if something is still off and you're painting from a reference, turn both pieces upside down. The light usually goes on. I've also held the painting in front of a mirror & have been able to see what it off. A huge learning curve with portraits - sigh... And if you don't care about getting a likeness, so what? I rarely get a likeness and don't usually care if I do.

    And then there are the nasty comments from someone close to you. You know, these drawings and paintings are for YOU. No, you are not selling them. You are INVESTING in yourself. Every artist who looks at an "imperfect" painting has been there. To the person giving you the criticism - well, since they're not doing artwork, they don't get it & probably never will. You might consider stopping "show and tell" with this person and just putting your stuff on your blog where you'll be encouraged and uplifted. Or not putting your stuff on your blog. Post a cool photo or something that interests you to keep in touch with other bloggers. And if you can't keep the artwork more private and away from this person, remind him/her that every artist is "in progress." Unfortunately, unless you are DiVinci, there's no skipping the process.

    Keep going with your artwork, Sherry. You are better than you think.

  3. I am thrilled to see you back doing your art work. Best medicine ever!
    I really like your giesha.

  4. Sherry I have always enjoyed your portraits and this one is no exception. We artists and creative souls must grow thick skins and keep on keeping on. Don't give into negative remarks - no one has the right to steal your joy sweet friend. Hugs!

  5. I found you!!!! So very glad indeed. And I see you are doing art also. Also very glad. Now I'll go read your blog posts to catch up.

  6. I think you did a nice job on the portrait of the geisha. Congrats to you for doing it without a grid. You would laugh if you saw the number of erasures I have when I do a portrait from a model. I always start with a large drawing and by the time I'm done adjusting it I have a tiny drawing. lol Then I look at it and critique it for myself...the nose is too long, the eyes are too get the idea. We are critical enough of ourselves...we don't need someone else to add to it.