Saturday, March 11, 2017

At Last...A Painting

So I finally managed to do a painting.  Not my favorite medium...oil...but that was the mood that struck.  So I went with the rare moment of motivation to create (rare of late, at least).  Here is what I came up with.  Know I was inspired by the heartland in which I live.

Took a couple of suggestions from my daughter on ways to make this a better painting.  She was right.  Do I claim to be a great artist?  Quite the contrary.  Just a need to keep trying.  Not as frequent of a need as it used to be because I kind of give up hope that I will ever be admired as an artist...but just for sheer love of the idea of being an artist.  I guess.  What a quagmire that line of thinking will lead to!  Anyway, I think this is maybe 10 x 18 inches.  Something like that.  Still needs to be varnished and framed, but it is done.  Bas relief done with modeling paste and stencils.

So life is still up and down.  Still love my husband but man!  Do we have our battles on occasion.  And they get ugly!  But we are close to one year of marriage at this point...I hope we both mellow with time without losing passion.

Did I mention another new baby in my gaggle of grands?  LeAnn had a little boy January 15th (I think it was).  Going to the last baby's 2nd birthday at her house this afternoon.  She said Jessie will be there so I should get to see her two, Lee's two youngest as well.  Her older two are with their dads this weekend.  Next weekend we're taking all of them out to breakfast for Easter (I don't think next Sunday is Easter, but we schedule around kids and I want to see all of them).

So...I realize that I also love music and since I started this blog I've been adding in a you tube video of songs I really like and that bring back memories, some good, some sad, but all mine.  In light of the fact that I finished a amazing feat in and of itself...I leave you with this:


  1. When I saw your comment on my blog, I didn't recognize "Autumn Leaves." So sorry. When I saw your pic, though, I smiled.
    Your painting is nicer than you think, Sherry. Wanting to give up happens to everyone. I think it happens when we lose sight of the reason we first wanted to paint - usually because it was fun. When it becomes SO serious (for me, at least), discouragement sets in. I've been painting for about 15 years and it still happens. In fact, it recently happened, so I decided it was time to learn something new, something fun - art journaling. Cutting, pasting, watching YouTube "how to" videos - it's great. I don't have to draw or paint anything - just snip, snip. I feel like a kid in grade school art class. And for artists who visit my blog and turn their noses down at it, so be it. I do it for me, not for them.
    Hope you find your niche.
    Congrats on your new marriage / new grand baby.
    And thanks for the song & the trip down memory lane.

  2. Dear Sherry I love your painting. It certainly makes me think of the prairie. I am so glad to see your posts and was so happy when you stopped to visit me. I have missed you. Take care sweet friend and God bless! Hugs

  3. I think your painting is really lovely. It has a good sense of depth, color and texture. You sell yourself short, my friend. You have a hard time seeing what we see in you and your work. I'm glad you are doing some artwork. I read your post about doing small drawings...that is good too. Like anything art takes practice and with your schedule you don't have much time for that. I've been enjoying your choice of music while I read each post and type my response. Thanks for entertaining us.

  4. Sherry, this is very nice! Don't worry about anything. Everything will fall into place. Congratulations on the new grandson and have fun with the whole bunch of them!

  5. Your painting is lovely Sherry. As somebody who can't control a paintbrush I admire anybody who can create magical scenes like this. I hope you will feel inspired to do more like this.
    I stopped taking commissions for a few months .. and now I do only around 5 a year as I found myself hating the 'production line' mentality required to meet deadlines etc., art needs to be fun - or why bother?

    Take care
    Sue x