Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to My St. Patty's Baby!

Thank you to Chris Lally and to Joan for getting me motivated and moving with my art.  Also thank you to my oldest daughter who always gives great advice on making a piece better.  I love antiques and things that are more mundane but on the glamorous end of the spectrum.  Tasteful glamour.  An antique atomizer...(I just bought an atomizer to save a bottle of perfume that could not be sprayed...)  I have another sketch coming but want to wash in some color first.  Loving the Strathmore watercolor sketchbook.  Pages are beautifully thick and I can use each side.

So 31 years ago today, I had my last baby.  How the days have flown by.  I still picture both my daughters as they were when they were little.  I see their long hair flying, their eyes lit with wonder and joy and all things new and bright and shiny.  How I miss those days.  How I miss those babies that loved me so much.  How much hope I had for them, wishing them all the joy, all the health, and all the happiness God can bring.  So when you reach the bottom of this post, know that this one reminds me so much of my youngest daughter.  She will champion what she believes strongly in.  She participated in a weekend at Soldier Field in which people were peacefully protesting for those people displaced from their homes.  They all stayed in cardboard boxes that weekend.  She took photos and set them to this song.  I cannot hear it without being so proud of my baby.  Happy birthday, LeAnn!


  1. Ah, what a sweet daughter you have. Happy Birthday, LeAnn!
    So glad you're liking your watercolor sketchbook. I am loving your painting (great quote, too)!

  2. Sherry, this is very nice - so intricate and delicate!

    Happy Birthday, LeAnn!

  3. Wonderful painting Sherry. Happy birthday to LeAnn as well. So glad she supports your lovely artistic endeavors. Take care and have a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday to LeAnn. I think she sounds like she got your empathy for others as well as your love of art. Nice sketch of the atomizer. I remember loving the perfume bottles my mom had on her dresser with the bulb to squeeze. It always seemed like such an indulgence. Keep up the good work!