Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Running out of steam...

So no "real" paintings (in my mind, at any rate), but a few sketches in a sketch book.  Yes, I do type like I tend to speak.  Yikes!  I apologize in advance, but at least I am trying, right?


So the last photo is one of the sketchbooks that I have.  It doesn't take w/c very well (the pages warp), but it has ideas for drawing.  That is what these two little paintings are, two of the ideas.  Sometimes I need that.  I have a couple of others done but nothing special.  Though I daresay the Cat in the Hat I did could be right off the original pages of Dr. Seuss' book!  The writing you see in the upper left of each is the printed prompt in the book.  Got it at Barnes & Noble at suggestion of my daughter.  She was taking a painting class at Michael's (I think it was) and met at least one new friend and was working on her own skills.  Anyhow, I made the leap, even though I don't have time, energy, or original ideas and do give it go now and then.  My galaxy and asteroid drawings totally suck and I will probably never share those.  Just ink drawings, nothing special, no contrast, contour, shade/shadow...Just an effort to scratch it out.  Just noticed that the shading on the lamp looks like pencil!  I did it in pen before laying in the washes.

I am going to start grad school shortly (3/30, to be precise).  Master's in Secondary Education...I guess it is.  I am aiming to teach math.  And think of my work schedule.  It will match my husband's, as long as he stays working in the school.  Nice in the summer, no?  Well, I pray God will give me strength, energy, continued motivation, and some peace during the process.  Should take about 18 months, with luck.  Fortunately, all online.  Will help make it easier.

Late start day at work today.  Will have to get moving shortly.  Sigh...I don't wanna go...

And I leave you with this song in my heart:


  1. I think this is a great book for you to get ideas for sketching. Prompts are very handy when you have no inspiration. These are nice...love how you shaded the lamp (nice color too) and the waterlily or lotus blossom. I'm not sure how to tell which is which or if there is a difference. Love the song, "There Is Love." PBS just had a special on about the 3 of them. Jerry and I saw them several times in concert before she got too sick to perform any more. They were so good...and now they perform with the daughter of one of them.

  2. A lot of people (me) don't post "real" paintings. So what? We're a blogging community. Not everyone is a member of the "painting a day" club. Here to encourage, not critique.
    Love the drawing prompts book - good idea. Nice to be able to pick it up when you're in the mood. Your entries are pretty great!
    Grad school - congratulations. Big payoffs on the horizon.
    And thanks for the sweet song. Brings back lots of memories.

  3. I looked at your comment for Candy and came here! So glad to see your works again, I never got any update from your blog. Love the spontaneity in these works!

  4. I agree with Chris. She put it so well.
    I like to think that magic will happen for you from your gene lamp.

  5. Sherry, these little sketches are very nice. I'm with Chris - most people don't post "real" paintings every day. It's still fun to see what everybody is working on.

    I like this song.

  6. Sherry your drawings are wonderful. Friend you spend too much time worrying about what is real art and what is not...like Chris put it we are here to enjoy the sharing and encouragement. I think a book that inspires you is well worth it. As for the degree and teaching math - hooray. If anyone can do it you can . Hugs!