Monday, March 27, 2017

There was a draw...

I was thinking about needing inspiration to paint and I remembered that the copyrights last what...70 or 80 years?  So I looked up images from the 1920's and painted from one of them.  A few changes, not completely as in the hopefully this is no harm, no foul.  I just love old glamourish images and memories and the like...I loved that these two were at a street cafe...  If you look, it could be today.  The one on the left is looking down at her cell...the one on the right has one up to her ear.  Well, not really, but in my imagination.  France.  That is what I am picturing.

So anyway, since I am talking about imagination...I always, ALWAYS have the urge to write.  I love to write.  I used to be good at it.  But I just do not have the imagination to think of a good story.  Or I think of something to write about and promptly forget it before I can put pen to paper.


  1. Dear Sherry - this is a super sketch. I was laughing thinking about the cell phones. Ah how the times have changed. Seems like those days were sweeter but they certainly had their challenges too. Hugs!

  2. Really love this Sherry. I too pictured Paris when I saw it, and I am captivated by that time era. Really nice job!

  3. Love it!!! What a great captured their poses so well as well as their attitudes. I love the neatly crossed legs and the fur just draped across her shoulder. Great find and great job!

  4. Love it..almost illustrative in nature.Its so nice to see you painting again.Love to see the way your mind has been working,just by looking at your recent paintings.I have been missing you, take care xx

  5. Yaaaay Sherry! this is a time that I've liked also ... kind of art deco. then again I love seeing things from the 40's.
    Good little sketch painting.
    And no, we may never pass this way again.....
    but hey, who knows???? LOL ! Or do we even want to ??? Hmmmm

  6. Sherry, Your comment on my blog is very true... Finally ! Peace in my life.!
    Been a long hard road, but this is where I should have been all the while I searched.
    Who Knew???

  7. Sherry, this is charming! I'm with Chris - FRAME IT!