Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I am going to clean up the blog a bit.  Sketched over the weekend but you will shortly see what happens when one loses passion for what one is doing.  Normally I'd be embarrassed enough at this to not even bother posting it.  But I think it is important to show what happens to me when I lose interest in a painting.  This one was going ok...so so...during the pencil process.  My goal was rapid and loose (for me).  I wanted to drop in loose color, much in the manner of Nora McPhail...just loose, crisp (loose and crisp sounds like an oxymoron), clean.  I was sitting on the balcony looking across the street...a view I've always liked at Jeff's house.  Worries, fatigue, stress, and seeing the drawing deteriorate...all made me know I should have just erased the page and walk away.  But no...not me.  Gotta ruin the danged page in the book.

Yeesh...ruined that view.

So I am going to try to keep my blog unpersonal.  I'm going back in with heavy editing hand.  I want to be a new me.  I don't like the old one.


  1. "Worries, fatigue, stress" - a good time to doodle. I've ruined more than one page in my journal because I was too focused on problems...

  2. Sometimes a sketch doesn't need to be perfect. It is a great way to release tension...but if it not coming out as well as you wanted stresses you that isn't good either. Did you use watercolors or wc pencils or both? I know Nora's work and she is very loose. I love her word but can't approach that state of looseness. Her work looks almost like it is done on yupo and I know it isn't. Just remember that every piece of work you do is practice and it is a learning experience no matter how it comes out. I think you did a great job not the structure of the house.

  3. I don't think this little sketch is ruined, Sherry. I like it. Maybe you're seeing it as ruined because you're stressed out, not because it really is ruined. Write whatever you darn well please. You don't have to be a "new you". The you that you are is a very fine person!

  4. Ah Sherry - I think your sketch is not ruined...it is a sketch sweet friend and like Joan pointed out it doesn't have to be perfect. Just enjoy the process. It is just wonderful that you were able to capture a scene you love. Have a good day. Hugs!